Gardens of Miranda Episode 1

At long last, after 3 years of work, Episode 1 of Gardens of Miranda is finished. I spent the first year writing, designing and constructing models, props and puppets, followed by 2 years of animation. Shooting this proved to be a true learning process and I'm looking forward to putting all of it to use on episodes 2 and 3, which I expect to average around 2 minutes in length. There was a lot of exposition to work into episode 1, something that won't be as true for successive installments, so the pacing will pick up and include more characters and action sequences and a darker tone overall. The year is 2185, and astrobiologist Jack Pure-Folly and his assistant Effie are conducting a field study on the newly-discovered planet Miranda, during the course of which they make some startling discoveries. Jack and Effie also happen to be robots. Miranda’s atmosphere is lethal to humans, so Dante, the field study’s supervisor, decides to send the two robots to gather data and allow him to conduct the expedition remotely from his ship in geosynchronous orbit above the planet. Everything goes according to plan for the first two weeks, and then things start to get interesting.